The Replication. We Scaled Up, But Still Learning

The Replication. We Scaled Up, But Still Learning

"Expanding playful learning strategies” from March 2022 to February 2023.

The goal of the project is to promote playful parenting practices for parents/caregivers of children between 0- 8 years through remote and in-person activities aiming to improve the early learning and development of children and strengthen caregivers’ knowledge and practice COVID-19 prevention and response.

Currently, the project is stationed in targeted groups of caregivers at community level. We are closely working with 30 locally-based partners and collaborating with ministries of Education and Health with a target to reach 56,755 direct beneficiaries, 59% of which are children, and over one million indirect beneficiaries in the most vulnerable communities hosting marginalized, internally displaced people and refugees in 4 countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Uganda.

In June 2022, ChildFund International hosted the first regional Learning Hub webinars, bringing together 91 participants from 20 ChildFund country offices, 3 international agencies (The Lego Foundation, World Bank & UNICEF), 2 government agencies (Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Affairs in Ethiopia, National Curriculum Development centre in Uganda) and 44 partner & Civil society organisations from Eastern Africa and Latin America.

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